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Jackie Clark-Edwards, President, CEO

After years of being overweight after having children and trying everything, I was frustrated. I worked with expensive personal trainers for several months. He helped me get great results but life happened. Premature menopause at 42, changed jobs and had to travel, eating out all the time, stress, never losing that 10 to 15 lbs holiday/winter weight, you name a reason why I picked up weight and that was my situation. In May 2015, my Dad was gone at 64 years old. Depression, Stress.. I was up to 215 lbs by Jan 2016.


On Jan 4 2016, my cousin died from a stroke at 48 and that same day I passed out on a flight to Paris. I thought I was dying. Wake up call, I lost 10 lbs, with Orange Theory but was killing myself over 3 months. It was frustrating because I couldn't get into the early classes and if I did the treadmills were taken and I didn't hit the 12 min in the zone without running first.  A good friend and soror, Dr Steph referred me to the challenge in April 2016. I started with Travis and dropped 36 lbs in 12 weeks!! Total Pounds Lost:  lost 50 lbs last year with Travis and team in 3 challenges.


I want to help bring this camp to the Chicagoland area to join his movement (The Tribe) to stop the cycle of poor health in my family, friends and community. Focus only on that and we will help you CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

Nakia Samuels, Chief Operations Officer

Nakia Samuels: I have gained weight and I have lost weight...I have gained weight and I have lost weight.  I have been on this roller coaster for years.  The stress from working over 60 hours a week, family and all my other commitments had me on the roller coaster. I am a stress eater and it did not matter what the food, I would just eat.  I have tried many programs and had multiple gym memberships.   The time for me was NOW before I let the weight continue to spiral out of control. I saw Jackie Clark posting her daily workouts and was monitoring her results. After her third challenge and seeing her posts I finally reached out!


With a starting weight of 198,I was accepted into the Travis Garza Fat Loss Challenge. I was extremely excited when I got the call and was accepted. My mindset had changed once I heard Travis talk about his program and the importance of changing our mindset to see food as fuel for the body and not something to make your drown your sorrows in. He also talked about the importance of being accountable and having accountability partners. 


I was accepted in the first challenge of 2017 starting on January 9th, 2017, weighing in at 198, I proudly and confidently recorded my video and stepped on the scale letting everyone know I was ready to make a change. I lost 21 pounds after the 42 days.  Excited as ever with my new body, I started the second challenge. Losing an additional 13 pounds, I was still excited with my constant transformation. My journey has not ended. To date I have met my personal weight loss goal. Now the real work begins and that is maintenance and ensuring I do not ride the weight roller coaster again. Travis has taught me to see food differently and I am Thankful. 


My goal is to get as many people to change to a "healthier lifestyle" as possible. Join us today and watch your life change and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!!


Rick Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Edward’s experience as an Art Director began in the early nineties at Jack Levey Associates, where he honed his craft working in the creative department. In the early stages of his career, Rick showed promise working such accounts as: American Medical Association, Midas and Kemper. Since then, Rick went to expanded his expertise outside as an
Creative Director working in print media and design to include, broadcast, retail and pharmaceutical catagories, past clients include, Searle, Alcon, Merck, Baxter, Abbott Labs and AMA, McDonalds, Kemper, Dyson, BMW, Wal-Mart and others.


Rick’s experience with brand marketing and general consumer agencies include Frank J. Corbett, Torre Lazur McCann, Cramer-Krasselt and Leo Burnett. In 2001 & 2007 Rick was listed in Who’s Who in Advertising, as well as receiving numerous awards which include Addys, Tellys and Rx Awards in healthcare advertising along the way.

Rick’s advertising education began with the University of Memphis where he completed most of his formal studies and matriculated to Governors State University back home in Chicago receiving a BA in Communication. Always interested in attaining knowledge, Rick went on to attend Roosevelt University Graduate School to pursue courses for professional development in Integrated Marketing. He’s ompleted a Masters of Photography while considering a executive level E-Commerce program at Devry University.

Rick spends his spare time with his teenage old daughter and dog Jesse, is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and a avid golfer in the small south suburb of Chicago.

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