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Who is Jackie Clark-Edwards

Chicagoland Fat Loss Team

After years of being overweight after having children and trying everything, I was frustrated. I worked with Alex (below) for several months. He helped me get great results but life happened. Pre mature menopause at 42, changed jobs and had to travel, eating out all the time, stress, never losing that 10 to 15 lbs holiday/winter weight, you name a reason why I picked up weight and that was my situation. 

In May 2015, my Dad was gone at 64 years old. Depression, Stress.. I was up to 215 lbs by Jan 2016.


On Jan 4 2016, my cousin died from a stroke at 48 and that same day I passed out on a flight to Paris. I thought I was dying. Wake up call, I lost 10 lbs, with Orange but was killing myself over 3 months. It was frustrating because I couldn't get into the early classes and if I did the treadmills were taken and I didn't hit the 12 min in the zone without running first.  A good friend Dr Steph (below) referred me to the challenge in April 2016. I started with Travis and dropped 36 lbs in 12 weeks!!

Total Pounds Lost:  lost 50 lbs last year with Travis and team in 3 challenges.


I want to help bring this camp to the Chicagoland area to join his movement (The Tribe) to stop the cycle of poor health in my family, friends and community. Focus only on that and we will help you CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

Durrell Taylor (Trainer)

Durrell is a world class .kickboxing and martial arts expert. He appears shy and reserved until you give him boxing gloves or the head set to train you. Durrell will be one of the evening trainers and teach the Travis Garza program for challengers and as we build our TRIBE memberships and people want more fitness options, he will offer boxing and kickboxing specialty classes. These are open to
non members as well

Nakia Samuels: I have gained weight and I have lost weight...I have gained weight and I have lost weight.  I have been on this roller coaster for years.  The stress from working over 60 hours a week, family and all my other commitments had me on the roller coaster. I am a stress eater and it did not matter what the food, I would just eat.  I have tried many programs and had multiple gym memberships.   The time for me was NOW before I let the weight continue to spiral out of control. I saw Jackie Clark posting her daily workouts and was monitoring her results. After her third challenge and seeing her posts I finally reached out!


With a starting weight of 198,I was accepted into the Travis Garza Fat Loss Challenge. I was extremely excited when I got the call and was accepted. My mindset had changed once I heard Travis talk about his program and the importance of changing our mindset to see food as fuel for the body and not something to make your drown your sorrows in. He also talked about the importance of being accountable and having accountability partners. 


I was accepted in the first challenge of 2017 starting on January 9th, 2017, weighing in at 198, I proudly and confidently recorded my video and stepped on the scale letting everyone know I was ready to make a change. I lost 21 pounds after the 42 days.  Excited as ever with my new body, I started the second challenge. Losing an additional 13 pounds, I was still excited with my constant transformation. My journey has not ended. To date I have met my personal weight loss goal. Now the real work begins and that is maintenance and ensuring I do not ride the weight roller coaster again. Travis has taught me to see food differently and I am Thankful. 


My goal is to get as many people to change to a "healthier lifestyle" as possible. Join us today and watch your life change and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!!

Ashley Nicole Gardner (Trainer)

Already a key member to the fat loss camp, Ashley is the youngest member of the team and killing it. We are excited to have her as a part of the family and looking forward to her bright future at the South Holland camp.

Rick Edwards, Marketing Director

I am the life partner of Jackie Clark-Edwards and Marketing Manager Rick Edwards. As a seasoned Marketing and Advertising expert, I wanted to help promote the value of the program through utilizing creative programs and incentives that support the importance of this results based Fat Loss Program.  By witnessing what it did for my wife Jackie and others, I believe I can help spread the word of this powerful program throughout the Chicagoland South suburban area of Chicago.  

Stephanie Davis, MD

Long time friends since college, Dr. Steph was the one who reached out to Jackie about the Travis Garza program. Although Steph is in Oklahoma, she keeps up to date on what' going on in South Holland and provides direction when challengers have questions that should be direct to their Physician

Deborah Henderson, Care Coach

Hi my name is Deborah Henderson, between 2012 and 2013 I lost 60 pounds and kept it off for some time.  But in 2016, I experienced stress from hormonal changes, along with sleep deprivation for an extended amount of time. My weight crept back a few pounds at a time and I found myself 20 pounds overweight.  With this extra weight, came constant knee and lower back pain.  I had gotten away from the discipline, support and those things that had helped me in the past and I needed a way to get back on track. 

I met Jackie in January of 2016 while participating in another fitness program. We were kindred spirits and became fast fitness buddies.  We became disenchanted when we couldn't get into the early classes and were paying over $130/month or we had to get on a wait list, show up and hope that we got into the class. We both travelled and needed to use other locations in their network and ended paying extra fees. I saw Jackie at a fundraiser in late April and saw how much progress she had made after just one challenge but I kept with the other program hoping that i would see the results in desired. In fall 2016, Jackie sent me her transformation after 3 challenges and I was sold. So in January of 2017, I joined the Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camp and I did my first 6 week Challenge. For me this was a sound program that included everything I needed to be successful, all in one place! Travis has laid out a formula of coaching, support, motivation, accountability, live workouts, a nutrition plan and fat loss strategies.  The combination of this winning formula works!  All I had to do is follow the instructions. During my first challenge I lost 20 pounds! This is after not seeing the scale go down for over a year!  In this program I was encouraged and motivated to do my personal best, but I did not compete with anyone but myself. My original goal was fat loss but what I found was so much more. I found a family of like minded people, support, discipline, and knowledge about my body and so much more.  The transformation has been life changing! If you are looking for support and amazing results for your transformation, join us at the Chicagoland, Travis Garza Fat Loss Camp in South Holland, Illinois. Looking forward to seeing you there!