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Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps - Chicago

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Nakia and Mitchell Samuels

Partners, General Managers

Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps -


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Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps - Chicago is a special place that came with a little something special.
Camp opened - April 2018

The Chicago Fat Loss Camps - Chicago location came out of need based upon a demand to server more people.  We were blessed an outstanding partners Nakia and Mitchell Samules that lead us to our second Chicago location.  Located on 9406 S. Perry, what was once an unused house of worship now is our most beautiful sought after 2 level fat loss camp to-date.  The Chicago camp is a special place that hit the ground running with a large number of dedicated, hard working and committed membership that continues to grow.

Time after time Chicago shows up and ready to get started.  With a business model focused on challenging customers desire to change their lives 6 weeks at time, the Chicago residents have never shown disappointing numbers in Our first 6 Week Challenge had 35 Challengers which we were very excited to have join the Travis Garza's 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge; we know it would be life changing.  In the is six months of business the South Holland camp went from 35 to over 500 new members which lead to opening of the second camp located on the city's South side at 9406 S. Perry Chicago, IL.

Due to the success of the Travis Garza's 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge program and a outstanding family focused camp culture, Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps currently has 6 locations (Bolingbrook, Chicago, Lansing, Matteson, Oaklawn, South Holland))in the Chicagoland area and our NEW location opening soon in Atlanta, GA. (Riverdale).


Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps - Chicago location is here to meet the need of the community.

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All camp weight-out, New Challengers Fall 2019

South Suburban College

We are committed to health and wellness

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