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Executive Management


Jackie Clark-Edwards

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President & CEO,


Nakia Samuels

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Chief Operations Officer, Partner

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Mitchell Samuels

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Dir. of Technology,


Rick Edwards

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Dir. of Marketing and Comm, Owner

About The Company

Since the launch of Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps, Inc. located in South Holland, IL Spring of 2017, we have experienced substantial growth in our business. The introduction of the Travis Garza 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge program grow our starting membership from 32 to 300 new members in less than five months time motivating us to open our second location Chicago in Spring 2018 a head of schedule. 

What makes Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps different is our welcoming environment and outstanding culture. We make everyone apart of our fit family and treat them like our camps is home.

Our fat loss programs can work for anyone. We will motivate, inspire and SHOW everyday people how to reach their health and fitness goals. While we welcome everyone, we only want to work with those who are serious about changing.

We will take the most out of shape, overweight person who has given up on weight loss and help them see success in 6 weeks. We help them understand why they have failed before. We provide them with the truth and a roadmap on how to lose fat & unwanted weight at will.

Due to a outstanding customers, Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps have expanded from one to six locations around the Chicago area to our newest camp located in Atlanta, GA and our exciting NEW total online membership programs.

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