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What is a Tribe Membership - ALL Access, ALL work outs, ANY day of the week at a Camp

Description: 6 month agreement - With this option, you can attend unlimited workouts (all workouts included) at the
South Holland location. Choose from over 10 workout times. No frustrating on-line sign-ups that reach capacity.
No wait list. Just walk in, work-out and you are done in 40 minutes!


Tribe Membership

(Included)/Non Members $85 - 6 month contract and $89 &12 month contract

Temp Tribe Membership

(Non Members $85 - 6 month contract and $89 - 12 month contract

Walk-in Tribe Membership (Monthly Non Members) $99

2 Week Trial Membership (Non Members) $45

Senior Membership (Non Members) $47 Monthly

Summer & Winter Membership (College/High School) $99

3 Month Virtual Membership ($47 per month)

Ad-a-Family-Member (Non Members) $19



What is a Challenge Membership20lbs 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge.  Access to your primary camp and one additional camp at no cost. Includes fat burning meal plan, proven supplement regiment and 45 minute workouts, convenient morning and evening classes. 24/7 online support and accountability. Assigned Challenge accountability coach, tips, recipe and meal preps recommendations. In person camp celebration weigh-out and next step workshop.

Workout Classes:


Specialty Classes - Boxing/Kickboxing, AAB, Fat Loss 2.0, Killer Camp, HIIT Cardio (6 week sessions)

Note: 45 min Specialty classes ARE NOT for challengers. You can only attend between challenges or after you go tribe. Only do the prescribed amount of workout per week per Travis’ directions INSTRUCTIONS! 


Boxing/Muay Thai – This is a fast, fierce hard core workout for non-challengers taught by a professional boxer and martial arts expert. These classes are included with your tribe membership. Challengers who continue with our program can participate during the off weeks. Non-members can participate but must enroll and commit to 6 weeks
(2 classes per week) 

Minimum of 10 participants 

Cardio Kickboxing - This is a fast, paced FUN workout to Chicago style House music for non-challengers taught by Phil known in the area for his high energy, bouncing style.  These classes are included for tribe members. Non-members can participate but must enroll and commit to 6 weeks 

Minimum of 10 participants


COMBO  (Camp & At Home) - All you need is internet and you have flexibility to workout when you can’t make it into your “normal”camp location. Attend unlimited workouts (all workouts included) at the South Holland location* in person AND bwhen you can’t attend in person due to work, sick child, bad weather or travel, you have access to the live stream work outs from the Edmond, OK location. 


Member Testimonials

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